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The Future…

Oooooooooo the future…lol. OK OK so I do want to talk about the vision I have for MSBS’s future for a minute. I generally get so busy and never have time to do something like this, so with all this time off from the current pandemic, now seems like the perfect time to paint a nice picture and get a discussion going.

Let’s talk about Sprummer!

In 2020 the plan was to run about 85 Sprummer sweepers. There were a few combined events, and I think 85 is pretty close. There are 7 different regions, and some run weekly and most are bi-weekly. Northern MI and Lower Mid-MI were kinda scheduled whenever I could fit their 9 events in (apiece). With only a few centers hosting multiple events, it’s a fair guess that we might run these 85 events in about 80 different bowling centers.

Every year I worry about how the Sprummer is going to go, because our events during the season haven’t quite been as big as they were in years past. It is clear that people look forward to the Sprummer Sweeper Series each year, because once again we have kicked things off with a bang. We’ve had almost 150 bowlers in total so far over the first three events!

With the addition of the $10 membership fee that started in 2017, we have had $6000 added to the Sprummer Championship each year so far! Each year we have been just a little bit short, but I have added a little extra to get us to that number. The point races have been exciting. I have adjusted the Sprummer Championship to be easier to follow and understand, and I think the bowlers are happy with what we are doing with that now.

This year for the first time in 8 years we voluntarily raised what we are paying for lineage at most of the centers to $9/bowler. Let’s take a quick look at the main goals we have with MSBS…

  • To offer great competition to the masses at different levels.
  • To help grow competitive bowling
  • To help bowling centers stay busy and keep their doors open
  • To help the industry as a whole

This feels like the perfect time to head into the future talk now…

Now let’s fantasize about Sprummer a bit (lol)

OK I can show you better than I can tell you…

Be sure to check the “payouts” tab on that link.

$800 added per sweeper would be AWESOME. Notice we’d be paying a 1:3 ratio, and the top non-cashing lady and senior would cash regardless of entries. The only weird thing is the top payout is exactly the same with 60 entries as it is for 30 entries. That’s just how it works out with the prize fund being dominated by the added money and the 1:3 ratio and the extra spots paid for seniors and ladies. I think we can come up with an idea to build more added money with bigger turnouts, like a raffle at each event which will obviously make more money with more entries.

“Brian Regan, you must be crazy! How on earth is this even possible?”

Well the way I see it is…if I can think it, then it can be done.

I mean is $800 really SO much money? A lot of the host centers only host this event for us each year. Some host multiple events. So we have an entire year each year to build this event up and raise $800 for it. This is where the fun begins, and I don’t want to throw too many of my personal ideas in here to bog down this article. Let’s get a discussion going on this, and perhaps I’ll follow this up with an article where we answer the question in quotes above šŸ˜‰

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I like this format and how you are growing the MSBS. I really hope one day Iā€™m brave enough to quit all my leagues and get serious about bowling these events.

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