Bug Book

Bug’s Book


After the huge storm, the sun came up in the morning as if nothing had happened.  The ground was drenched, and the air was dank in the early morning.  No sounds of singing birds were filling the air quite yet, as the children of nature were all awakening together for seemingly the first time…even if they were far apart.

Through the many clouds in the recently angry sky, the thinnest beam of light peered into a sliver of the wooden home inside a wooden fortress of this land with no name.

The fortress did bare a fruit known by the locals as apples.  The wooden home looked as if it were built strategically to withstand the end of the world…and perhaps it did.  But the early moans of two cats whose eyes had been opened by the thinnest beam of light peering through that sliver on that tree house built inside that glorious apple tree would say that the world, in fact, continued on. 

If it weren’t for their shiny green eyes illuminating from the light inside the otherwise dark home, one might not even notice these two cats.  They were as brown as the wooden walls, floor, and ceiling of this new home of theirs.  Kina and Gracie woke up slowly as their now dry bodies were clung together as if they were sisters.  After a few blinks. The two cats sprung apart and growled at each other.  Kina hissed at Gracie, and Gracie glared back at Kina with no fear in her eyes.

It appears these felines were strangers. 

For a brief moment, you could hear a pin drop.  But just then, it was a turtle shell that dropped.  Kiera the turtle had pulled in all of her extremities and head, thus plopping her shell onto the wooden floor of this rectangular soon-to-be-battleground. 

Unfortunately for Jazzy, the tiny mouse who was cowering next to Kiera before her disappearance, this now brought each cat’s eyes to focus on her at this moment.  Jazzy frantically knocked on the turtle’s shell asking if she could come in. 

“Hello there?  Is anybody home?  I could sure use a hiding place right about now”, squeaked the little frightened mouse. 

Kiera dared not budge, nor did she lift her shell to let in the scared rodent.

As the cats commenced to hissing and looking really scary to the smaller animals around, a loud thud and a thunderous crack sent vibrations through the floor of this apple tree home.  The cats’ fur stood up as they cowered back to see only a giant silhouette through the light, as this creature suddenly appeared as if from thin air.

After a few seconds the turtle, the mouse, and both cats all just stared at this mut with bewilderment.  The same thought seemed to be crossing all of their minds, “what on earth is this thing?”

Jace was a dog.  This much was clear, but none of the other animals had ever seen a dog quite like this.  They were so busy trying to figure out what breed it was, that they all forgot about the ensuing war that was about to take place a dozen seconds before.  Jaws were dropped.

Just then another shocking event occurred.

A loud ripping fart filled the briefly quiet room followed by uncontrollable laughter and a rotten stench.  Isiah the laugh-when-he-is-nervous-stinkbug had now made his presence well known.  In unison, each of the other animals slowly passed out as the foul fumes were too much to bear.

But wait now.  What is this?  About a minute later, Kiera the turtle pokes her little head out to investigate.  The odor apparently didn’t get her, since she had trapped her nostrils inside her hiding shell.  Isiah was still laughing, and finally gathered himself as he was rolling on the floor right in front of Kiera and next to the mouse. 

Isiah had fallen to the ground from the ceiling where he had previously ripped a loud one.  As it turns out, Isiah isn’t like other stinkbugs.  When he gets nervous or scared, he toots like a normal stinkbug; but then he also laughs so hard that he forgets how to defy gravity in anyway.  Isiah was an outcast among his stingbug village for this reason.  That hardly seemed important at this time, as he was clearly not in Kansas anymore.

“What the heck are you laughing about?” Kiera had asked Isiah.

Slowly ending his chuckle, Isiah replied “Oh It’s something I actually cannot control.  When I get nervous or scared, well, I laugh really hard.  It’s really quite embarrassing, but It isn’t anything I can stop.”

“What do you suppose happened to all of these other animals?  They were about to throw down, and then poof, they are all asleep”, said Kiera.

“Uh, yeah…I donno.  I have absolutely no clue what could have caused this, “Isiah lied.

“Well the way I see it, the only way to avoid war here is to wake each one up slowly and one at a time.  Last time we all woke up at the same time, and that didn’t turn out so well,” said Kiera.  “And yeah, slow is kinda how I do everything anyway.”

Isiah replied, “You might be onto something there.  You sure are a smart turtle!  By the way, where are we?  What happened last night?”

Kiera said, “I’m not exactly sure.  I remember I was hanging out with the other turtles when it started to rain hard and the ground was shaking.  We all got separated somehow.  And the next thing I know I am waking up in this place.”

Isiah then said, “Well let’s try out your plan and wake these critters up and see if they know anything.  Who should we start with?”

“We should definitely start with the smallest animals first and then work our way up to the bigger ones.  We might need to find a way to restrain the bigger ones to keep peace here until we get to the bottom of things,” said Kiera.

“Wow you are so smart!” exclaimed Isiah.  “That’s a brilliant idea!  OK how are we gonna to restrain them again?”

“Well I may be quick in the brain for a turtle, but I’m still slow with my body like a normal turtle,” Kiera said.  “Let’s wake up the mouse and see if he can adventure around and find something in here for us to tie these big critters up with.”